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looking forward

well i don't like the look of this summer, without megan and all, i still love her so much and i don't call her that much anymore because i don't know if she even love me so it's all boggling in my head right now, so i think i'm going to write a free verse poem here it goes:

all the thoughts in my head,
only thing i can do is sit here w/o you in my bed,

loving only you,
wishing you'd love me too,

now your love is gone,
and i am still quite fond,

life is just a blur,
ever since i lost her,

my thoughts just race,
hoping to see her face,

there you go that was made in like five minutes so how you like that! that is how i let out my emotions so yea! ha! well i'm gonna go back to watching my VG19 (for those stupid fucks who don't know it's a rollerblading video!) peace out,
megan i still love you!!
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