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Now is the time for me to change, After talking to Megan, she kind knocked some fuckin sense into me. I need to stop taking so much shit from people (even if i get my ass beat, i'll hold my ground). Plus if i want any kind of shot to get back with her i need to change, and thats exactly what i'm gonna do. After hearing her talk tonight it makes me wanna change, stand up for my girl (hopefully soon it'll be meg again) and quite being an asshole and a little pussy bitch like i was, and do something about it, so meg this is for you! Another thing (truth) she pointed out is that my friends aren't real friends at all, and she was right, they fuckin' pissed me off tonight, the little bastards ditched me at the skatepark and went home, so fuck them motherfuckers!! they can lick my left fucking nut, megan was true to me in the past as well as tonight! As long as i have her i don't need them motherfuckers, jordan and his rainbow wearing, gap tooth dyke ass girl! THE TIME OF CHANGE IS NOW, so fuck all of you motherfuckers who walked over me in the past, like jordan, fina, and every other last mother fucker, no one will stand in my way now, meg you'll be home again soon you know what i mean (back with me hopefully), and i love you!
spclK 1-8-7
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